50th Birthday

50th birthday poems

To help celebrate a half century of life, we have composed these birthday poems just for you. All of the poems you will find in this category were newly written for this website. Each of our unique poems is suitable for 50th birthday celebrations. This makes them perfect to write inside a birthday card or letter.

If you really want to wow the birthday boy or girl, then you could even memorize one of our poems to recite at a 50th birthday party. Remember, everything sounds better in rhyme. So no matter how you use our one of the 50th birthday poems from our collection, it is guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

Poems to write on greeting cards

50 is a milestone we reach with trepidation.
The memories of five decades are many.
We remember every holiday and birthday and vacation,
yet sometimes we still wish that we were twenty.
Nonetheless those years are filled with warm and deep relations.
Friends and family exceed youth in value.
So add on to your 50 years with energy and patience,
For every extra year life will allow you.© 2013
Half a century ago, you came into the world
Five fingers on each hand and five toes on each little foot
Now each digit is a decade, they're full of memories unfurled
Here's hoping that your special day is totally a hoot!© 2013
If forty's the new thirty, then fifty's the new forty
And on your special day, just be yourself: be a little naughty,
be happy, hearty, healthy, hale, hilarious or just be cool,
Because now that you are fifty, you get to make the rules.© 2013
Happy birthday to you! You are fifty, we love you.
It's a day for celebration and for memories too.
Happy birthday to you! Those five decades, they flew.
The half-century's complete, but your next decade is new.© 2013
All the family all around, and everywhere festooned,
Birthday baubles, bear-hugs, bubbly, bubbles and balloons,
Candles, cake, champagne and cuddles -- all of these to say,
On your fiftieth birthday we wish you a wondrous day!© 2013
Looking back on fifty years, you've already done so much,
So many family and friends have hearts that you have touched,
And now we all come close to very simply say,
We hope you have the happiest and best of birthdays!© 2013
OK, today you find yourself half-way to age 100.
This is not a time to grieve or wallow in denial.
Many years of fun await you, just in case you wondered.
Those who love you celebrate, and hope you'll stay a while.© 2013
50 years is quite a feat, it's nothing you can sneeze at.
Experience has made you so much wiser.
From kids to work and finances you dare display an ease that
makes younger folks wish you were their advisor.© 2013
The joints may ache, the mind may blank, the waistline may be thicker,
but at fifty years of age these are but battle scars.
Although you tire sooner and the birthdays come much quicker,
we're very glad to say that you are ours.© 2013
When folks like you turn 50,
they rarely miss a beat.
Extravagant or thrifty,
they're honest and don't cheat.
This is why we trust them,
our best beloved friends.
They all, like you, have honor
on which friendship depends.© 2013
Turning 50 does not make you now an older person.
You still keep busy and stay in tip-top shape.
True, you may feel stiffer and your eyesight might just worsen.
Take heart, that means more chores you can escape.
Don't look to others and compare the strides that they have made.
Your path is different from the rank and file.
Instead look at how far you've come since you were just a lad,
living life with your unique class and with style.© 2013
The glasses full of bubbly, swilling fizzing in our hands,
Balloons pumped tight with air, they're clustered up above
. The cake is baked and frosted, risen high above its pan,
May your birthday be the best one yet, full to the brim with love.© 2013